Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Casio PX 330

Casio PX 330

My very first electric keyboard was a Casio. This was twenty seven years ago and it was second hand when I got it but I liked it and got a lot of joy from it for a long time. However, like most if not all technologies, there have been some significant advances since then and it was with a quiet sense of excitement that I got to review the Casio PX 330, a digital piano first released to the marketplace at the end of 2009.

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I hadn't even been working with the Casio PX 330 for 10 seconds when I observed the first key difference; the grand piano sound really sounded like a grand piano. The sound is great and complemented perfectly by the powerful in-built speakers. If I ever wanted instant proof of the enormous progression in digital pianos then this was it. Whilst I delighted in the sound, I was delighted by the feel of the keys as I played them and they responded to the pressure I used just as a real piano would do. I asked myself how this result was possible and some questioning uncovered this was Casio's Tri-Sensor scaled action technology working. This is a full keyboard with 88 resplendent keys (twice the size of my dear old Casio) so I felt even more like I was playing an acoustic piano.

As I considered the specific functions readily available I discovered that the Casio PX 330 is superb for those taking piano tuition or playing duets as the keyboard can be split in two even parts so that two players can play the same note at the same time. There numerous good duets to choose from that could be played on this keyboard and the tutor can have the student play at the same time as them so that differences in performance are apparent. Seclusion can be maintained as there are a pair of headphone jacks which can be utilzed by each player.

One function which I really loved is that there is a large plethora of sounds and rhythms to play with and I could feel my inner creative genius just aching to show itself. What is more, there is a sixteen track recording function along with an SD memory card slot so that I could capture this expression of genius, upload it via USB and then send it to all my loved ones and friends. I reckon that is a marvelous feature of this keyboard and something I can get excited about; I am just not sure whether my loved ones will be as excited to constantly get my latest masterpieces.

When all is said and done, this is a good digital piano. There are a heap of features within the Casio PX 330 that are really outstanding and I haven't even covered how light and easy to move this keyboard is, excellent for carrying to churches or gigs by way of example. One of the most well-liked consumer polls rate this keyboard 4.4 out of 5 so obviously it is a incredibly popular model in the market place.

Here is a video you can watch that shows the Casio PX 330 being played:

I hope this blog post helps you in your decision to purchase the Casio PX 330.